Impact Investing

Learn more about our impact investing approach and early investment stories by reviewing our roadmap here.

It's widely known that foundations allocate at least 3.5% of their total assets to charitable endeavours. We wondered how we might activate the other 96.5% in order to achieve a 100% impact portfolio.

Our definition of 100% impact is steeped in our mission of creating a more inclusive and pluralist society. For many, impact investing is a financial tool with social considerations; for us, it is an imperative for creating the systemic change needed to realize our vision. The Inspirit Foundation commits to aligning our entire portfolio with our values by intentionally investing 100% of our assets for impact by employing a mix of impact investing strategies in the following ways:

  • Allocate 10% of our asset base toward private investments that contribute to an inclusive society through mission- and program-related investing.
  • Apply impact investing tools to our public portfolio, the remaining 90% of our asset base, including:
    • positive screens and ESG analysis
    • product choices, including fossil fuel divestment
    • shareholder engagement


100% Impact Portfolio Roadmap

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